10 Types of Anime Girls You May Like to Date

Anime Girls You May Like

Intro: if you are into anime, you know you come across many characters and character arcs that completely transforms the lead’s role. But these changes are often triggered by the entry of a love interest or a friend. You have often wondered about the type of girlfriend you would want if you ever had a chance to date an anime character. We know everyone has their unique choice, but some specific female anime leads spike your interest and make you want them as your love interest. Here are some of the Anime Girls You May Like to Date:

1. Tsundere:


This type of girlfriend is the one that pretends to be emotionless and cold at first, but as you get to know them, you see their never-been-seen-before side that is just for you. The hard exterior is just a facade that you have to cross to enter the land of pure love and bliss. They are not good at handling emotions and are often not in touch with their feelings; they don’t know how to receive compliments. They have a good heart and often go out of their way to help someone out but won’t admit to it. They don’t like favors and love doing all the hard work. But above all, they are cute, independent, and lovable, and will slap stupid people if they can.

2. Yandere:


If you are the type of person who loves all the attention and to have someone obsess over you, yandere is for you. These are the girlfriends who seem friendly and social with everyone but, over time, reveal themselves to be obsessive person who pays attention to every detail about their partner and gets worried if they are not ok. She is a master of deception and a facade that she has maintained for her social life, but under the surface lies a woman who is dangerously dominated by her love for her partner. She’ll do anything to keep her partner happy and out of harm’s way.

3. Kuudere:


These are the cool girls of anime that are good at hiding their emotions and remaining calm, cool, and collected all the time. They might like you to death but not say anything. They also may seem too dull to express anything or even sarcastic when the time comes. They may remain distant and analytic of the situation until they are very sure of their feelings for one. And when they are confident about you, their warm, affectionate side seeps and shows up. They are loving and caring in their way and will not play games with you as they are sure of themselves before they act on their feelings.

4. Dandere:


These types of girls are shy and quiet; they have difficulty expressing their feelings in public and will stay friends with you even if she likes you. They have trouble talking to others and lead an anti-social life in general but turn panicky when faced with their crush. But if they want you, they will try to overcome their shyness and express themselves to you in a subtle, more friendly way rather than an outright romantic way. Their quiet personality is easy to navigate for most of the part; it is on their partner how well they understand the girl who is quiet and shy.

5. Moekko:


If you are one of those people who love to take care of someone and want a person to direct all your affection towards one person, you want a Moekko girlfriend. These girls are often child-like and weak, soft-spoken, and have eyes ready to spew instant tears. They are pets that need care and love more than the usual amount. They stay happy if you give them enough attention and won’t complain as long as you are focused on them. They would make an ideal girlfriend…if they didn’t cry as much.



They are happy-go-lucky people. These girlfriends do not get upset and crib about an issue or even make a big deal out of nothing. They are genuinely positive people who want to spread love and good. They don’t hesitate to express themselves and are unapologetic. They will openly express their love for you, care for you and be affectionate without fear. They are energetic and full of life and charm people around them with their positive attitude and full-of-life expressions. And they make awesome girlfriends as they don’t involve themselves with drama or games but will only be wishing for your well-being.

7. Hiyakasudere:


You know it’s a perfect person when the girl is funny and caring. Hiyakasudere is mischievous and exciting; they joke to make you laugh or make fun of you. Either way, it is all in good humor, as at the end of the day, she is still caring and protective of her loved ones. She will annoy and make fun of you but will get defensive when someone else dares to do it. Constantly teasing, she will also flirt with you to see how embarrassed and flustered you get. She will love to rile up the other person and make sure that you have a good time with her.

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8. Catgirl:

Catgirl anime

You might wonder why you would want a catgirl as your girlfriend, but remember, cats are the most independent, lovable, purring animals that love you no matter what. They have the feline traits that show up in the most intense moment and will sit and purr like a cat in your lap all day. You will also love a catgirl and her quirks if you love cats. At the same time, they may not go to the extremes of licking themselves like a cat but will indeed snuggle and cuddle you like a cat. It would be best if you had a catgirl in your life.

9. Meganekko:


If you are into beauties with brains, you want yourself a Meganekko, who is a gorgeous woman with spectacles. They are often brilliant and very awkward. But if you look closely, they are highly unaware of how beautiful they are, making them more attractive. They can open up and express themselves confidently but will avoid confrontations. These are often nerds and highly knowledgeable on the subject matter but will not obsess over it. They know how to talk and walk confidently, even if they might get shy and awkward in other situations.

10. Otaku:


You know it if you are an otaku. Otaku is a person obsessed with a single subject and excels at the topics related to their obsession. Otaku girlfriends are loyal, quiet, and low maintenance. They won’t ask for fancy date nights or even expensive gifts. You take them to the nearest junk food joint, and they will love your company more than anything. All they want is for their man to understand their obsession and still love them despite their otaku nature. They have a unique way of expressing their love and will not fail to surprise you with the sweetest gestures that will make your heart flutter.


these are some of the best types of anime girls that you would want to have as your girlfriend and date. Each has its quirks and qualities that make them unique and desirable. You want to be on the lookout for these when you are dating the next time.



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