12 Visually Appealing Anime to Watch

Visually Appealing Anime


We all enjoy anime for a variety of reasons, one of which is the visual aesthetic. Each anime has its own distinctive style, and they are all gorgeous, but we are not talking about just any ordinary anime; rather, we are referring to anime that can satiate your visual appetite.

Animation and anime are closely related. The anime shows of today are eager to go above and beyond, in contrast to the 90s anime, which solely utilized hand-drawn animation. The greatest animated anime that calms the eyes and nourishes the spirit will be shared in this post. These have excellent production values and some of the most exquisitely animated sequences in the annals of anime.

1. Terror in Resonance

Half-youmu and immortal Akihito dwells in a world of the paranormal where Spirit World Warriors pursue youmu. He then encounters Mirai, who uses her lifeblood to kill the youmu and is unable to leave her side. Although Kyoto Animation is renowned for producing visually appealing content, this anime simply serves to support that claim. You won’t even care about the plot since the animation quality absolutely engrosses the spectator.

2. No Game No Life (2014)- A spooky comedy called No Game No Life follows two game-obsessed brothers who are suddenly thrust into a world where video games control everything. This anime is really intriguing because of the character designs. Each character’s hairstyle, attire, tattoos, and eyes are incredibly intricate. Just for their stunning eyes, this anime would be on this list. You become totally engrossed in the illusion of this place thanks to the animation.

3. Plastic Memories- Throughout the 13 episodes, Plastic Memories keeps its high-quality animation intact. Since it takes its narrative in a sci-fi direction and situates it in an idyllic context, it has an adventurous feel. Similar to a watercolor painting, the surroundings are vibrant, vivid, and employ a variety of color palettes. The look nicely captures the sci-fi vibe and melds with the characters and plot of the program. Smooth and fluid motions are used by the characters. The facial emotions appear incredibly genuine without being creepy, and the character designs are reminiscent of those in the Evangelion series. Future structures, machines, and the Giftias are featured in the series along with convincing animation artwork and concepts.


Made in Abyss

4. Made in Abyss- Riko as a child has always yearned to explore the Abyss where her mother vanished. But one day, she meets a child who appears robotic and appears to have come from the Abyss. Will she embark on her adventure at last? What could be more pleasant than distinctive characters and animation designs? Since the landscapes and the characters are so unique and stunning, Made in Abyss fits in with the anime style flawlessly.

5. Katanagari- The protagonist of the tale is a swordsman who battles without a weapon, and the army strategist girl wants “12 deviant blades” for the sake of the Bakufu regime. Will their adventure be exciting enough? This anime could come to mind if you’ve seen any Chinese animation. The character designs are so amazing that they almost appear too nice, and the animation as a whole is anything but typical. The animators did a fantastic job of making it distinctive and lovely.

6. Your Name- One of the most visually stunning anime on this list, Your Name has some of the finest visual and musical effects ever seen in an anime film. This narrative centers on two teens who, upon realizing they are switching bodies, develop a deep, mystical bond. But when the guy and girl decide to meet in person, things get much more complex.

7. A Lull in the Sea- In the realm of this fantasy drama series, two cultures are divided by a body of water. It tells the stories of kids from both worlds as they navigate the gap between the two populations and the prejudice against them. This anime is quite fascinating because of the depictions of the underwater world, the landscape on land, and the adorable character designs. The use of colder hues in the color scheme gives off a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Paranoia Agent


8. Paranoia Agent- If you enjoy dark and dismal television shows, Paranoia is a perfect choice. You will gradually start to feel like a part of the visuals and the general mood of the presentation. The colors, shadows, and camera movement resemble Ergo Proxy’s aesthetic, but the level of crazy is higher. With the help of this remarkable series by Satoshi Kun, boost your brain’s dopamine levels.

9. My Dress-Up Darling- My Dress-up Darling is the hottest new winter 2022 season anime. While it was airing, it bested Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer in several polls for the best anime of the season, proving how well-liked and well-known it is with audiences. Since this anime is about cosplay and incorporates Japanese Hina dolls and doll-like characters, the animation quality and character designs are of the highest caliber.

10. No Game No Life- The duo known as “Blank” are unstoppable gamers Sora and Shiro. But when they accept an offer from a stranger, they easily defeat him. But they are soon sent to a world where video games control everything. What is the primary reason for their summoning, even if this planet would be their perfect type? The animation is too distinctive, and action moments are the only times it seems better. It is quite enjoyable to watch and the character designs are much too fantastic.

11. Shelter- Collaboration between Porter Robinson, Madeo, A-1 Pictures, and Crunchyroll produced this 6-minute animated music video. The main character of the anime is a girl named Rin who can build a new world every day while living in virtual reality. She does these drawings on a tablet. This movie’s aesthetics are magnificent from beginning to end. The blending of music and animation to convey a tale is simply wonderful.

12. The King’s Avatar- Glory, a top-tier player in the game, kicked out Ye Xiu of their professional squad. He eventually retires and starts working at an internet café. However, Glory returns using his best friend’s freelance gear once he opens a new server. Chinese anime has always been distinctive, but “The King’s Avatar” beautifully captures the essence of Japanese animation. If you haven’t seen it yet, go; it’s certainly a feast for the eyes.


In conclusion, the Visually Appealing Anime listed above are the greatest options, and one can readily locate them online and watch them without any hassle.


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