How South Cinema Industry Has Cracked the Indian Market

South cinema cracked indian market

Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada cinema are all part of the South Indian film industry. They kick to 40% of overall box office earnings in the Indian market. The South Indian cinema business has been around for a long time, we can experience this because of its existence dating back to the 1930s. However, because they were exclusively for a specific sort of people in the Southside, which included just a small number, as opposed to the sizable Hindi-speaking populace, they did not fare as well as Bollywood. And as the inhabitants of these states expanded over time, so did the box office income too.

The era of the 1990s, when Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Mohan Lal, Anant Nag, and Chiranjeevi became superstars in Bollywood due to their massive success in the South.

Reasons why South cinema is popular

1. All money is going to production

Movie production

Undoubtedly, the history of Indian film will be separated into two eras: pre-Baahubali and post-Baahubali. This series has mobilized moviegoers on a never-before-seen magnitude. The audiences had assembled throughout India, breaking the typical borders of different film industries.

Baahubali 1 was produced for Rs 180 crore, whereas Baahubali 2 was created for Rs 250 crore. This was surprising because most Bollywood films cost only 50 and 60 crores to produce. Following the release of the second sequel of Bahubali, PM Satheesh was reported by Indian Express as stating, “What we need in Bollywood is discipline.

” Why is Baahubali occurring in Telugu cinema?

Since the budget for such a film flows into its production. A few massive stars are not devouring it. If you have got a 600 crore film in the north, the production will cost no more than Rs 100 crore if you are fortunate. However, everything is siphoned off to a few celebrities and individuals.” Right on target!

2. Content is king

Content is key



In this age of OTT and social media, content reigns supreme, and there are no limitations to enjoyment. Now, the South Indian film industry may soon overtake Bollywood. ‘Content is king,’ we’ve always heard. For example, consider Allu Arjun’s Pushpa, which featured fantastic material. This is what South cinema has to contribute; they have a distinct narrative medium.

It’s not only the subject; even the significant performers select films that appeal to a wide range of audiences. Audiences from all walks of life admire Telugu superstars such as Allu Arjun, Prabhas, Mahesh Babu, Jr NTR, Ram Charan, and Tamil performers such as Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth, Thalapathi Vijay, and Ajith. South actors are turning pan-India stars as their fame grows due to social media and OTT.

After all, the public’s cares about paisa were entertaining. After all, the public’s respect for paisa was delightful. So, in a sense, it’s not about overtaking but about content.

3. All emotion packed movies

Emotion packed movies

Tollywood is more concerned with action and also gives priority to all types of movie tones. Bollywood offers a very different setting, while it stresses battle scenes that pale in contrast to South flicks. The primary topics of Hindi films include romance, love, societal issues, marriage, etc. Usually, the action comes second. Tollywood was in full gear even before the initial wave of coronavirus knocked off the whole Telugu Film Industry for many months.

The first wave was highly perplexing to the sector since no one knew when or if matters would ever return to normal. Tollywood productions were gradually restarting towards the end of 2020, with both significant and small films returning to the set. Most Bollywood love films portray a rather one-sided, male-dominated view of romance.

We’ve grown acclimated to a depiction of boy-girl sexual encounters in Bollywood in which the guy is mainly in charge of beginning the relationship through stalking, flirting, singing and dancing, trying to perform several male chauvinist gesticulations to come out on top over the girl, who is mainly illustrated as a piece of silverware for the central protagonist.

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Movies prove that southern films are better than Bollywood.

southern films are better


Asuran is a blood-and-flesh tale. The movie has a reasonable possibility of winning a few National Awards. Dhanush has given a great appearance, and the interval scene is one of the most exemplary mass sequences an actor can receive in this type of film. He has practically lived the character’s life.

Manju Warrier expresses powerful emotions. Pasupathi, Naren, Ken, Teejay, and the rest of the actors have done an excellent job in their unique parts, and the music composition by G V Prakash is outstanding. Asuran has the best eligibility to get into the top 100 movies in India.


Gantumoote is one of Indian cinema’s best love narratives. The excellent storyline and nuanced performance elicit emotions without resorting to exaggeration. Yet another epic demonstrates that content is king and dialect is never an impediment must-see for anyone who enjoys straightforward, honest storytelling. Nothing fanciful, just a plain (love)story told by a girl to herself. Her conversations are outstanding. The impact of translated dialogues may be lost. Her monologues may send shivers down the spine at times.

Baahubali: The Beginning

S.S. Rajamouli has distinguished himself as one of India’s most dependable hitmakers. This rare artist blends technical proficiency with a distinct storytelling flare and visual elegance with genuine emotive depth. Rajamouli is the actual director that Hollywood used to adore before the present era of franchise pictures. He is modest in his demeanor and ferociously committed to his artistic objectives. “This universe of larger-than-life personalities, larger-than-life emotions, larger-than-life landscapes.

Although the $40 million spent by Baahubali’s creators on the two-part hit with low talent fees, crew salaries, and building expenses, that kind of money can go a long way, and every penny of the expenditure is seen on screen.


In conclusion, South Indian film is superior to Bollywood. In the previous 5-6 years, the south industry has achieved significant advances in VFX, technology, and screenplay quality, among other things. Right now, South Indian film is on fire. Bollywood does not prioritize generating good movies or movies that elicit strong emotional responses from audiences.

South Indian films have provided enough substance to delight people of all ages in recent times. The major accomplishment of South Indian cinema in recent years has been the production of visual feasts such as Bahubali, KGF, and 2.0. Regardless of the language, visual pleasures always draw people to movies.

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