Top 10 highest-grossing Indian movies

Highest grossing Indian Movies

Intro: India is the highest producer of movies and cinemas, churning out around 2000 movies per year. But Bollywood accounts for only around 20% of the total production. The rest is contributed by the south Indian directors, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, etc. Not all movies are worth watching. However, some of these movies are absolute delights and masterpieces that deserve worldwide recognition and applause. Here are some of the Indian films that managed to break the stereotypes and become the highest-grossing movies of all time:

1. Dangal:

This sports drama directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Aamir Khan made history as it crossed into the top 5 highest-grossing movies worldwide. It sits close to Japan’s “your name” and is currently at $301 million with respect to ticket sales worldwide. The story is about the Phogat sisters, who are initially forced by their father to pursue wrestling and enter this exclusive men-only sport.

Although reluctant, the phogat sisters, Geeta and Babita, are natural and can master the wrestling moves with ease, so much so that they climb up to the top to win many nationals and international sports competitions, including the Olympics. The story is highly motivating and inspiring to many to pursue their dreams with determination and avoid distractions.

2. Baahubali 2:

People on social media finally answered all the questions that bahubali 1 left them with, including the most troublesome, why did kattappa kill bahubali? This south Indian movie, initially produced in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi, was further dubbed into Malayalam and many more languages when it blew up internationally. It grossed $194 million in its first three days and was sure to make much more in the coming days.

It quickly raced up to $200 million and remained on the list of highest-grossing Indian movies worldwide. The story is a backstory of amarendra bahubali, the father of shivudu, and devsena, the fearsome woman of another kingdom. The story answers the cliffhanger that the previous movie left the audience with and is in no way less outstanding in every aspect.

3. KGF Chapter 2:

KGF chapter 2

This recently released sequel to KGF 1 is about intense action, suspense, terrifying fights, and politics involving business. KGF grossed $70.6 million on international platforms, where fans eagerly waited for its release. The movie continues the story of Kolar Gold Fields, which are red with the blood of its previous gangster owners and rivals.

Rocky, the lead, tries to maintain his hold over this empire of goldfields, but it comes at a cost. His rival Adheera, played by Sanjay Dutt, is equally vicious and terrifying and would stop at nothing to gain control over the Kolar goldfields. Watch the movie to know the outcome of who wins among the two evil powers.

4. Secret Superstar:

Directed by Advait Chandan, this Aamir khan movie has touched new heights in India, China, and other countries. The film stands shoulder to shoulder with bahubali 2 and dangal to become 3rd among the highest-grossing Indian movies worldwide.

The movie is a musical drama that tells the story of a girl with fantastic singing talent who cannot overcome the restrictions laid by society and her parents to follow her heart’s dream. It is the story of love, determination, a stubborn stand against the community, and music. Watch this movie which is an inspiration to all of the people out there struggling to juggle parental expectations and career and passion all in one life.

5. PK:

PK has displayed staggering numbers concerning its international grossing each day till today. With over $46.52 million in global gross, this movie stands on the list of highest-grossing Indian films since its release in 2014. Pk is the movie about an alien that landed in India and is making his way among the Indian masses full of superstitions, faith, misbeliefs, and drama. The alien is played by Aamir Khan, who once again proves that content is king.

It picks up on subtle Indian customs, beliefs, and religious practices that make no sense anymore, but people still advocate false spiritual practices for their personal agenda. It beautifully nullifies the fake and outdated practices that are a fresh breath of logic and sense.

6. Padmaavat:


This movie is the historical dramatization of the life of queen Padmavati of the Mewar kingdom of India. Deepika Padukone plays the role of rain Padmavati, and Ranveer Singh in the role of khalji, the villain in the story. With excellent acting from all the actors, this movie was the center of attention for the actors involved, the director of the film, and the religious and regional sentiments that the movie had to uphold while it was in the theaters. The controversy around the film helped it reach the list of highest-grossing movies with $77 million internationally.

7. Sultan:

We all know the hype around Salman khan’s movies: undisputed action, a hooking storyline, and songs that carry the film on. Sultan was Salman Khan’s movie with Anushka Sharma that binds wrestling and drama into an exciting watch. This movie grossed a whopping amount of $93 million on the international lists. With unique details and dialog, this movie is a family movie that you can watch repeatedly.

8. Sanju:

As already proven in many other films of his, raj Kumar Hirani can blend serious topics with effortless humor to present to its audience a movie worth watching for entertainment, morale, and understanding. The film grossed around $77 million, which gave it a place in the list of highest-grossing Indian movies internationally.

The movie is based on the real-life of Sanjay Dutt, the Indian actor born into a family of overachievers and thus caving into the pressure. The film warns about drug use, addiction, owning illegal weapons, and life decisions. The story puts you on the right path by showing you the consequences of the wrong one.

9. Baahubali 1:

This is the first part of the bahubali franchise that made a name for south Indian movies on an international platform. The amazing VFX effects, the actors giving their best, the crew, and the software workers have put in their best to produce a movie that withstood the international audience criticism and won the hearts of whoever watched it. It grossed $77 million in total, surpassed only by Bahubali 2, its sequel movie. It has a fantastic story, suspense, and cliffhanger that will make you go for the next film as soon as the credits roll in for this one.

10. RRR:


This newest addition to the list of highest-grossing Indian movies is still in its prime days and is doing so well that the approximation is that it will surpass many other films in this regard. The movie earned 223 crores on its first day and remained the first Indian movie to do so up to this date. Directed by SS Rajamouli, who delivered the gems like bahubali 1 and 2, RRR has to feed its audience’s high expectations that are bound to compare the director’s previous works with this one.

The two leads have the nature of fire and water that, when collided, are bound to make tides and fan the fire. This movie is set in a historical background but is entirely fictional. However, it plays with the more middle-class themes of society and gives a picture of old India in ancient times.

Conclusion: there is more than one gem in this list of highest-grossing Indian movies. These movies have managed to make a mark on the hearts of millions of people worldwide and are worth watching for the same reason. Be sure you miss out on none of it.

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