Top 10 Hilarious Dark Comedy Movies & TV Shows to watch if you have a dark sense of humor

Dark Comedy Movies

Intro: although dark humor is not right up everyone’s alley, if you enjoy the contradictions and shady jokes, you will love the movies we have listed. Dark comedy is not a new genre but has gained popularity recently. People enjoy watching the dark sarcasm that strikes a perfect balance between comedy, drama, and the story, one balancing the other. If that sounds like something you will enjoy, then read on to find out which are the best of the best in this genre:

1. The Addams Family:

The Addams Family

The Addams Family is a Halloween movie about normalizing the weird and the dark for all generations. It is a masterpiece among all the hilarious dark comedy movies that leaves you wanting more of the dreadful comedy. The story is about a family that deviates from the regular order of things and feels otherwise about killings, past Life, death, and trauma. The kids, Wednesday and Pugsley, born and raised in such an environment, develop a sport out of trying to kill the other.

And while all this sounds horrific, the directors and the writers of this movie have managed to make it a dark comedy that will leave you smiling like Morticia, one of the parents. You can run through these movies released one after the other: the Addams family (1991) and the Addams family values (1993). You will forever be the one among the Addams that enjoy the cut-up roses, the worldly pain, and abnormal things.

2. A simple favor:

A simple favor

This movie, starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, is a movie about death, loss, deception, lies, and everything dark: plus, comedy. You can see the movie as one of the best hilarious dark comedy movies that run for 1 hour and 57 minutes or a comedy that will leave you guessing and wanting for more. A simple favor is a web of lies that the protagonist is left to navigate for her safety.

Stephanie and Emily become friends during the playdate with their sons, and they develop a very quick and fast friendship, leaving the dangerous secrets of the past unknown to each other. One afternoon, Emily disappears, leaving Stephanie to find out what happened to her friend.

As Stephanie tries to unveil Emily’s past, piece by piece, you witness the development of a psychopath that loves money as much as she loves herself. With excellent cons and lies that will leave you in humorous wonder, Anna Kendrick and Blake lively are a stunning duo to witness.

3. American Psycho:

American Psycho

This masterpiece that explores the dark mind in the sickest way, keeping no secrets from its audience, will haunt you for hours after you have watched it. If you are someone who enjoys watching psychological thrillers, American Psycho is a must-watch. This movie is a perfect blend of sly humor that surrounds the dark incidents depicted in a usual manner.

The film plays itself on the edgy side of societal satire and self-obsession. Patrick Bateman is a typical investment banker who enjoys clubs, restaurants, women and murdering people for sport. He displays a chilling vision of psychosis of someone who quests to carve out a unique identity for himself by exploring and following his deepest desires of the ego, self-worship, and killings.

Its movie is so raw that you will enjoy the small deviations and the twisted extremes alike, making it an uncomfortable watch if dark humor is not your party. Watch Christian bale deliver his utter best in this movie for an ideal psychotic man who could be your next-door neighbor. American psycho makes its place in history as one of the best hilarious dark comedy movies of the century with its honest narrative and the impeccable acting of the bale.

4. Dead To Me:

Dead To Me

Dead to Me is a 2019 dark comedy that deals with the death and trauma of a lost family member. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are impeccable and perfect for the role of the unlikely friendship that their characters develop in the show. Jen and Judy are introduced to each other in a very typical setting: a help group for people dealing with the loss of a loved one, except that it was all planned.

With her evaporating patience and two kids who are going through it themselves, Jen is a single mom who now has to juggle Life, work alone, and is left to deal with her loss in silence. Judy is a kind-hearted woman who seems to be working at a nursing home, with unending patience and love for people. Judy is the fresh breath of Life that Jen needs, and she soon moves into Jen’s house. However, Judy harbors a deep secret about Jen. Watch it to find out.

5. After Life:

After Life

This series deals with the death of a loved one where Rick Gervais, or the character of tony, is left to deal with the loss of his wife. His wife leaves him a video message, instructing him to take care of himself but left to his devices; he is not so good to himself and the people around him. His family and friends struggle to stay by his side and want to help him, but Tony himself has given up. Although the setting of the series is quite sad and depressing, you already know rick Gervais is the king of morbid comedy and deals with this subject with edgy humor and sarcasm.

Rick Gervais has written, acted, and directed this series, with one satire dripping in each scene with death hanging as a backdrop. Laugh with tony as he navigates through this unfamiliar territory, struggling with daily life interactions and messing up the small stuff. You will see the eventual progress as the series nears its end. It is highly addictive, binge-worthy, and motivational in a dark sense.

6. Bojack horseman:

Bojack horseman

This animated series is set in a world where animals and humans coexist and compete. The star of the show, Bojack, is a celebrity whose stardom passes by, struggling to keep floating. It is hilarious as it is heartbreaking to see Bojack trying his best to keep moving forward. As we all do, he becomes one of us as we see him making his way through success, anxiety, happiness, and relationships.

With its satirical humor, Bojack horseman is a fresh breath of air with relatable quotes, life lessons, and joint problems you face daily. Bojack is an animation that is dark because it relates so much to human society and psychology that it is almost impossible not to connect to the failures and successes that he goes through. This series is one to watch when you are down and need the motivation to get out of your bed.

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7. Game Night:

Game Night

How wrong can a game night go apart from losing or winning? Turns out: much much much wrong. Game night is one of the best hilarious dark comedy movies that tells a story of a couple that hosts a game night for their friends every time they get a chance. These two form a team that always wins and are madly competitive for the same reason. Max and Annie are the perfect couple until the game night is intruded upon by Brooks, who thrashes Max at his own game.

Brooks insists on playing a game that he has planned at his place, a great house in a high-class setting. Brook bets his car to whoever wins the game, and that is where the movie begins. The game is a very real kidnapping that is a mortality game that takes a turn for the worse. Watch this movie if you are a fan of games and dark humor.

8. Kevin Can F*** Himself:

Kevin Can Fuck Himself

This series is perfect if you love the after-scenes of any sitcom. The series depicts the dark side effects that sitcoms have on the household life. The series displays a traditional sitcom setting where Allison is married to Kevin, a useless man-baby that loves to live at his wife’s expense. While Kevin is busy playing ping-pong, Allison plans a party that she wants to be a grown-up occasion, but Kevin is not down for it.

And the setting suddenly changes to a dark background that displays the unseen side of the sitcom, where Allison can think and form her own opinions. It continuously switches from a colorful sitcom setting to Allison’s perspective, where she feels and acts for herself. This series is the one to watch that is unique in every respect.

9. The End Of The F***ing World:

The End Of The Fucking World

What happens when two teenagers with misguided mindsets are thrown together? Chaos. The end of the f***ing world is a dark comedy where two teenagers try to make their way through the world independently. 17-year-old James is just as awkward as 17-year-old Alyssa; both are outcasts and try to develop a relationship, finding common ground for their companionship.

James is a self-diagnosed psychopath, while Alyssa is a free spirit who doesn’t mind abusing the person who irritates her. These two face the world and learn lessons the hard way; both have had a bad childhood that further affects their choices and decisions and the chain reaction that follows. This dark comedy deals with teenage psychology and the results of bad choices and gives hope for all the wrong choices they made in the past.

10. Jennifer’s Body:

Jennifer’s Body

This is one of the best hilarious dark comedy movies which turned out to be a slow hit and if you haven’t watched it yet, go for it! This movie came out in 2009 and stars Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. It tells a story of a dark cult in the town of devil’s kettle, where the objects disappear and are never seen again. The cult makes a sacrifice of a virgin to the devil’s kettle; the only drawback is that the girl they offer as a sacrifice comes back to haunt them all.

Jennifer was a typical teenager. Her best friend, Needy, is a classic nerd friend who lives in Jennifer’s shadow, a cheerleader and the most popular girl. The boys are disappearing in the town, and no one knows why. Until Jennifer talks to the needy about it, watch this movie to experience the thrill and comedy of two best friends who are made to make a choice.


These hilarious dark comedies are the best picks when you are in the mood for something light yet love the horror genre too much to take a break from it. Watch these movies to get a slice of comedy mixed with dark humor, sarcasm, and satirical settings. Happy binging!

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