Top 8 myths about WWE that you believed in as a child

Myths about WWE

Intro: WWE is the oldest wrestling entertainment show we watched growing up. At one time, it was a severe form of wrestling and entertainment that made us gasp and cheer in enthusiasm for our favorite stars. As we grew up, we realized that not all of it was as extreme as it appeared on the screen. Although we have grown up, we hardly have any idea of how much of it was planned and what other parts were genuine. Here are some things that were absolute myths and others that are still a mystery. Read on to find out:

1. The Undertaker and Kane are brothers:

Dark pasts make great stories, or so was confirmed in the earlier times when WWE was at the peak of its fame living. They wrote terrific plots and backstories that kept WWE fans on the edge of their seats during the matches between the wrestlers who had to live up to their hype. The story of the undertaker and Kane was one such plot that made all the puffery on TV and among the fans.

There was something about the mysterious two wrestlers that made an exciting storyline. Kane was supposed to be the survivor of the fire that killed his parents, and the undertaker was responsible. But the brothers of destruction were not, in fact, brothers at all but a part of an intricate storyline by the fantastic writers of WWE.

2. No assistance during matches:

As an audience, we watched the two superstars fighting each other with a will to end their lives on the stage. We watched the blood splatter and the breaking of tables and chairs when they were in their prime rage. But we weren’t aware of one simple move that the stars used to keep the opponent safe: calling the moves before pulling them, so the opponent is safe and ready to take on the attack before it happens. It was as good as the matches being directed beforehand, and it eliminated the element of surprise to protect the players.

3. The real/fake blood:

Fake blood in WWE

We are no strangers to the fake blood used on tv to demonstrate the intensity of the injury that may have occurred; may it be in the movies or tv series and shows. The entertainment industry thrives on fake blood scenarios that thrill the audience into thinking of its absolute bloodbath on TV.

However, WWE uses another way to show blood. It is called blading: the wrestlers get a cut on them to bleed real blood. The blade cuts the wrestler discreetly, and they bleed to show the wound as a significant injury. This blade is hidden by the referee or in the players’ gloves.

4. Authority figures and general managers had power:

The general manager is one of the best-kept acts of WWE that many of us did not realize until it was explicitly released that they are a part of the show’s storyline. But it was pretty apparent to the observing eyes, the sudden appearance, the overwhelming power, etc.

It was believed that the general managers of the show were involved in the drama that caused the superstar to hustle and fight on stage; they could recruit change players and fire anybody they wanted. But that was hardly the case. These general managers and authority figures kept the character line and moved the show onward.

5. Stars and wrestlers use real weapons:

One of the significant showstoppers was when HHH attacked with his sledgehammer. While many of the weapons used in WWE are not real, some are real and can cause significant injury if not used safely. The sledgehammer that HHH used had a rubber head, later on, WWE allowed him to arrive with a real one, but he used it with safety precautions; he covered its head with his hand to prevent any injury.

While the tables and garbage cans used to hit the opponents are not real, the barbed wires, steel chairs, and chains were actual. Even the thumbtacks are real, causing pain for weeks after their painful removal.

6. Referees are the rule enforcer:

Refree in WWE

Referees are known to be the most important person in the field of play. The same is true for WWE wrestling matches, but the referee’s job is so much more than enforcing the rules of wrestling. The neutrals sometimes got more involved to advance the storyline, manipulate the wrestlers out of the backstage talk, make peace or war, and act as the go-betweens for the opposing parties.

They did more than the match’s time and called many shots, other than the straight ones between the superstars. Sometimes superstars were made referees to time the matches and direct the wrestling.

7. Vince McMahon Wants SmackDown To Fail:

Vince McMahon is only the wrestler, promoter, executive, and media person for WWE, the greatest entertainment wrestling show on tv. SmackDown and raw are two of the greatest wrestling shows, both under the watchful eye of Vince McMahon, who likes both of his revenue generators equally. But due to internet superstitions, some fans believe that McMahon prefers Raw and wants SmackDown to fail on air which is impossible, seeing that both of these shows are the money-making machine for the people involved and earning from the show.

8. The moves pulled in the ring:

While the show is scripted chiefly and planned, the moves pulled in the ring have the audience screaming and cheering. It may seem that these moves are easy to execute, but they are, in fact, doubly hard as they have to take care not to injure the opponent gravely and to hold back and pull back the punches.

Also, the signature moves of each player are such that they give the audience a good view at the same time, not hurting anybody. The bodyslam requires the person to lift his opponent and throw that weight. It requires excessive strength and stamina in the person who is pulling the move.

Conclusion: With myths removed, we are still left with one of the most entertaining shows. WWE is still the favorite of many and will continue to be so. The fights are just as good as the script and story with twists and turns. The show stars do their best to play their part and keep it accurate. They risk their wounds on live tv to give you a good fight in the ring.

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