Why is Bollywood making remakes of regional movies again and again?

Regional Movie Remake

Key reasons for Bollywood making remakes of regional movies

Bollywood has existed for ages. We celebrate thousands of days of a movie and that is a sign of the mark, Bollywood movies have left on us. What makes us remember them? It is the scripting and the story line-up that keep us hooked. The unusual beginning and unexpected ending. This was definitely the essence of movies in those days.

Now let me introduce you to Bollywood’s new movies with the term ‘remake’. Yes, remakes of regional films are all we get to see. Now, what’s a remake? It has two variant meanings, remake as (transcription) and remake as (writing). So, making it easier to understand, it is a new version of an already filmed movie with better graphics quality, to bring back the nostalgia, and the reference point remains the same.


Why have we chosen this topic? The entertainment took center stage during the lockdown days; people were in isolation with not much work to perform. Didn’t we binge watched movies and series the whole day? Yes, we did and found out that Bollywood movies have nothing of their own to come up with. Bollywood literally survived remakes. Making the essence of regional movies dissolve. Why do young filmmakers come up with fresh ideas? Bollywood makers do not have to struggle much to achieve fame and make a mark on the audience.


If we look into it deeply there are mainly monetary reasons to make remakes. The director doesn’t have to start from scratch, the reference point already exists. They have inborn marketing advantages as they are known entities, and way too cheap as well. For instance, if you are watching a remake of a Tamil or Telugu iconic movie, more than sixty percent of the audience will book themselves, just for the iconic scenes it had and the actor/actress who bought justice to it.

The conversion of the audience is easy into customers, rather than coming up with new scripting, as an audience have a critic mindset and judgmental approach while witnessing a trailer, whether they will pull themselves to theaters after watching it, it’s always a doubt. Moreover, if we think about the movie remake there also exists a handful of songs in the movie which are taken from the original part.

Music holds more memories than movies and an unseen attachment with the audience. One doesn’t have to pay the team of writers of it. The brand is already promoted, as the remakes are made of only iconic movies, it is an opportunity for ‘easy money’ to hit the box.

Bollywood Autocracy is another important reason for remakes. The Hindi audience is the mainstream audience, and they refrain from consuming regional movies. The remakes make sense at this point, the delivery of a movie could be done to everyone keeping language diversity aside. The Hindi mainstream audience doesn’t refrain from watching better storylines.


Pros of remake

1. Time-Saving– Making a movie on an already existing film is definitely time-saving, as the writers do not start from rock bottom, an idea already exists. It is always challenging to come up with new ideas that never existed before. There exists an estimated budget even before the launch of the movie.

2. Resolved issues of plagiarism– There is zero concern about plagiarism as the producer comes with copyrights of a film. The movie certification and all sorts of legal requirements are already fulfilled.

3. Easy brand promotion– With remakes, brand promotion is easy, because it is already done in the past. An excellent brand promotion needs a good amount of funding also. It makes it economical for later when making the remake.

4. Already existing viewers– If the original part of a movie makes it big, it retains its audience, and the audience feels excited when there is a remake of their favorite movie. For the sake of the original part, the viewers don’t hesitate to spend money on remakes.

5. Easy product marketing– The story is already made, launched, and sold in the past. Therefore, the effort of relaunching the product is less when it comes to a sequel. Moreover, product marketing costs time is saved as well.

6. Better picture quality– The improved picture quality is definitely a factor with remakes. The new generation cameras are upgraded with better technology and visuals. Which enhances the picture quality and graphics.


1. Making justice to the original movie– This is the most important milestone to achieve, if the filmmakers are able to make justice to it, then they have all benefits in their pocket otherwise every penny invested is a loss.

2. Benchmark is the key– Every great movie has its benchmark, these are nothing but the reviews and ratings they get after the launch, we call it a benchmark. Audiences have a tendency to rate a movie more on the basis of the original movie and less on the sequel. It is definitely a challenging task to do.

3. Losing valuable audience– People have great faith in the makers of the movie when they go to watch remakes, if it is not up to the mark, they lose faith and might not go for the next movie of the filmmakers.

4. Limiting new minds– The making of the remakes is so effortless that the young minds are limited to a shell, not coming up with something of their own. The emphasis must be on something new rather than on something that already exists.

5. Imitating not innovative– The new cinema lacks innovation creating its own style. It is observed that actors/actresses tend to copy the style or dialogue delivery.


To the filmmakers, regional movies are a palate of the experiment, to bring it to the big screen and hit the box office. Every film has its own benchmark already set. It gets quite sensitive to work because the audience will really not appreciate it if the benchmark hits down the next time. Until and unless it is pure justice to its previous story and characters the movie is not fruitful and if it is vice versa the remake counts.

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